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the author’ s study of the energetics of food does not exclude technical, nutritional, or chemical information about a food, it simply acknowledges that these exist after the fact– the fact being the food itself. how to gain a conscious, personal knowledge of the quality of foods is the reason for this book. food energetics is a comprehensive, easy- to- understand, and absolutely essential explanation of the spiritual dimensions of food.

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if you believe in the concept of living things having a soul, this book describes the soul qualities in all of our foods. the energetics of food [ steve gagne, john david mann] on amazon. * free* shipping on qualifying offers.

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bigger and better than ever! the underground classic on food. health and energetic nutrition in a new updated and expanded edition. food is one of the eight strands of traditional medicine in the east alongside disciplines such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and bodywork.

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Each food is described in terms of its flavour, temperature, route and action. Foods are listed alphabetically in clear groupings energetics of food books such as grains, vegetables, meat and fish.

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a knowledge of food energetics can deeply supplement a practitioner’ s ability to help their clients and this article sets out to provide guidelines for giving dietary advice and working successfully with food. food energetics: the spiritual, emotional, and nutritional power of what we eat [ steve gagné] on amazon. explains how food imparts a living wisdom that is separate from the science of nutrient values< br> < br> • offers an approach to diet from the perspective of ancient peoples. for anyone wishing to apply the principles of food energetics in their own kitchen, the energetics of food wall chart is the perfect companion.